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Camerino DB Caccaro

The wardrobe you walk into

Where everything is handy.

DB opens

The doors fold and collect up at the sides without
hindering the interior.

Functional power led internal lighting.

Patented dampening system with soft door opening-closing.

DB means minimum overall dimensions

Can also be fitted into small interiors. Width
and depth are modular. Self-supporting and completely
finished off on all sides.

DB is very spacious

Even though its width is less
than that of a standard cabinet,
DB has the same storage capacity,
thanks to its extra depth.


Caccaro presents an articulated system of elements for the
interior organization of wardrobes, designed to optimize storage
capacity and keep all garments and accessories neat and tidy.

The exclusive coat-hanger rod features an anti-noise profile.

The open-front drawer is ideal for neatly putting away and choosing shirts.

Everything is visible at one glance thanks to the transparent drawer with glass front and sides.

The full-extension drawers with dampened closing ensure convenient access and utmost silence.

The full-extension trouser rack is perfect for keeping garments tidy and creased.

The rack with compartments of various sizes has been designed for keeping all accessories neat and tidy.

The double-height maxi drawer can accommodate a convenient shoe rack.

Lamè sabbia Lamè rugiada Easy Olmo
finitura vetro


The glass doors create a transparent partition-wall effect

Camerino DB is also available in matt lacquered, gloss lacquered and lamé
finishings and in all the colours of the Caccaro sample range.

Caccaro uses water finishings that
reduce the emission of pollutants
into the atmosphere.

They are odourless, non-toxic and
non-inflammable. They are also highly
scratch, stain and light resistant.


Each Caccaro product can count on cutting-edge manufacturing solutions
and ergonomic and functional performance standards developed to cater
to the very highest market expectations. All this according to a vision
that rewards the excellence of made in Italy.

Caratteristiche camerino cabina

The anti-release system of the shelves improves safety and increases load capacity.

Constant pitch punching makes it easier to drill only where needed and maintains the integrity of the surfaces.

The back panels are 18mm thick making the structure self-supporting.

The drawer can be released with a simple movement and provides easy access to the contents thanks to the invisible full-extension runners.

The adjustable feet ensure the cabinet is always perfectly level.



Thanks to an exclusive modular design system, Caccaro
is able to provide numerous dimensional options
and a precise personalization service.

Height to the centimetre
from 194 to 290 cm